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Haumāna (hā'u-mā'-na)

(n.) Student, pupil, apprentice, recruit, disciple (Mat 10:1)


"Haumāna" is the Hawaiian equivalent of the english word "disciple." This name was chosen for our church because Jesus commanded His first haumāna to go and make haumāna of all nations (Mat 28:19-20). As haumāna of Jesus today, we believe this name best represents who we seek to be and what we seek to do as a church. To continually be, make, and equip haumāna (disciples, followers) of Jesus.


Our church has a heart to help you know who Jesus is and follow Him (to be His haumāna). We seek to create a safe place for you to learn what the Bible teaches, ask questions, and grow in your faith.


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